J’ai accepté la cordiale invitation de Thomas Micheneau au nom de l’AIESEC de HEC Montréal de donner une conférence-formation sur les communications électroniques au Québec.  J’ai concocté une petite diapositive afin de regrouper plusieurs données de l’étude Net Tendances 2007 du CEFRIO ainsi que d’autres exemples de l’industrie internationale actuelle.

Comme  les communications électroniques et les communautés électroniques vont de paire, je n’ai pu m’empêcher d’effleurer les outils de réseautage social, au coeur même des communications.

Mais qu’est-ce que l’AIESEC?  Dans leurs propres mots:

AIESEC, la plus grande organisation au monde gérée par des étudiants, est la plate-forme internationale permettant aux jeunes de découvrir et de développer leur potentiel afin d’avoir un impact positif sur la société.

AIESEC est présente dans plus de 105 pays, et réunit quelques 30 000 membres à travers le monde, dont 70 membres à HEC Montreal.   Les activités d’AIESEC HEC ont aussi bien lieu à Montréal qu’en coopération avec l’un des 1100 autres locaux d’AIESEC sur la planète.

Plus de 360 conférences permettent chaque année aux membres d’AIESEC de partager leurs expériences, de réfléchir ensemble aux problématiques actuelles, et de rencontrer des personnalités du monde économique et politique.

AIESEC offre une gamme complète de stages professionnels autant en entreprise, que dans des ONG, sur les 5 continents. Choisir AIESEC, c’est saisir une opportunité unique, d’acquérir une expérience valable tout en découvrant une nouvelle culture. Qu’elle ait lieu en Allemagne, en
Chine ou au Brésil, votre expérience AIESEC sera un atout indéniable.

While I am cleaning my closet -just to use a famous expression, I had this April 2007 picture taken in California, in front of Google’s Campus at Headquarters on Charleston Road. What is really interesting is, just by accident, I was wearing the matching Google Colors that day! As a Gen-Y, kid of the Web, I  truly embrace the World Wide Web and value product intelligence. So, yes it is true, i do… i love Google too especially, its Android Developer Challenge (and the application culture that contributes to generate) that fits with Google’s pull marketing strategy, Google Search, Google Earth, Google docs and spreadsheets, their apps and api, Google Reader that i use often etc.


And a more geeky one.


It’s that time of the month!  This monday the Montreal Mobile Mondays Panel and Meetup are happening again this monday November 3rd from 6pm to 8.30pm.  We are invited to hear Sylvain Langlois, Astral Media’s Radio Interactive General Manager and Francis Beaulieu, a Mobile Product Manager at Canoe.


Montreal Mobile Monday

Montreal Mobile Monday

Leaving Yahoo!

30,octobre 2008

In a few days, it will be my last day at Yahoo! (just like certain predecesors blogging about it before: Chad Dickerson; Ian Kennedy) after what has been an intense and fun trip into the purple DNA world for almost 3 years.



I am happy to have had under my belt, some key events and accomplishments that marked and made me as much as marked the brand - locally speaking, of course.  Just to name a few:
1) the 24 hours of Flickr in Montreal (People suddenly realized there was a local Flickr presence here under the Olympic Stadium….). That activity was part of the *delighting our communities* motto at Yahoo!

2) I was happy to launch the first ever Yahoo! Québec t-shirt, a Good life apparel creation,  a local artist who does the yearly James Brown Tees… There is a limited edition of 250 Ts… Those who were lucky enough to put a hold on them, well, just keep them preciously.
Yahoo! Québec T-shirt
3) I was more than glad to participate in the Rebranding of Yahoo! Québec (which previously had another name.) and to be part of the team with Ogilvy Montreal to launch the first Yahoo! Québec offline marketing campaign that is currently running in the subway, buses and highways.

4) With a super dream team, I was excited to launch the most recent versions of Yahoo! Québec Messenger in french from 5.9 to 8.0,  and webmessenger and all these communication products (mail, avatars, profiles, etc.) and the community products.

5) I was happy to have resurrected the good’ ol’ Mon Yahoo! Québec, the rss feed aggregator.

6) Initiated the Flickr Contat08 Festival relationship and group about Photography.

7) above all, I was really blessed by a more than amazing local community of techies, lovers, bloggers, challengers, mentors, startups, brainiacs, etc.  From Patrick Tanguay, Michelle Blanc, Heri, Philippe Martin, Olie Ze Kat, just to name a few (this is a non-exhaustive list, I could go on with a list of a hundred names…).

In a few weeks, i am starting at Deloitte Canada, heading up the online Marketing Department and teams in Montreal and Toronto.

And a 30 seconds Introduction to Deloitte video, with a lil’ extra spice:

See you all very soon!



Katheline previously known as Katz_kul in the Flickr ecosystem.

 ”Geek and Sexy”, that is how Stéphanie Lalut, freelancer at Infopresse, describes me in the Infopresse October 2008 Print Magazine Edition!  Of course, she is making an obvious reference to The Gazette’s Sexiest Geek Title I had the privilege to win in 2007.  As much as the sexy side, she drafts a brief portrait on my Internet Product and Marketing Manager career to date and diverse background in Marketing, advertising and music industry.  

Article infopresse Geek et Sexy

Two corrections though:

  • I did a certificate in Journalism at University of Montreal, not at l’UQAM.
  • Flickr is written Flickr.com not flicker.com

Overall I am really happy about this article that highlights the hard work I have accomplished to this date.

I do not usually speak politics on this blog. But, listening to a unplugged guitar song online at the Canada for Obama music Channel on this website inspired me: canadaforobama.ca i just felt like an inspired Canadian!  There is some hip hop as well.  All these songs were inspired by the Obama side of the campaign. The Milagro Group is organizing this election night party on November 4th, 2008 at OPUS.

As seen on my undisclosed Tumblr account, I developed an obsession for the New Google Android phone. Not for what it actually represents but for the potential market share that it could one day seize on that tumultuous Telecommunication Market.  Here are some user snapshots of this G1 unboxing moment.  I guess this User is a poweruser…

This is an achievement for me to have the priviledge to win the Q2-2008 European Awards amongst all my Yahoo! European and Canadia colleagues.  And I congratulate all the teams that were able to qualify and receive mentions.

See this blog post at this link: yahoo-europe-q2-awards-grand-price-winner

Yahoo! Europe Q2 2008 Individual Performance Award

This Year, Yahoo! Canada is the official sponsor of the Rock Paper Scissor Tournament happening on October 25, 2008 at the Steam Whistle Brewery, the Roundhouse at 255, boul. Bremner in Toronto.  

See the Digital Snippets about the World Rock paper Scissor competition.
Watch the Trailer of the documentary about the Rock Paper Scissor Culture! 

Learn more about the World RPS Society.


Tickets for participants are 40$ and 12$ for the public.
Some interesting facts about this sports competition:

  • It is a serious sports
  • Strategy-wise, it can be compared to poker
  • Egos are welcomed
  • It is part of our popular culture (!)
  • It relieves stress from work
  • The grand price is 10,000$ 
  • It is a subculture
  • If you loose, you have to drink…
  • For some people, this hobby takes over their life
  • Some corporations wish to buy that competition

I want to thank Guillaume Brunet for inviting me to present at his E-marketing and E-commerce class at the Graduate Level (D.E.S.S.C.E.) at l’École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC Montréal) last saturday, October 12, 9AM.  It was a pleasure to meet the next generation of Web Professionals, the ones  ”About to rock the 2.0 field!”.

It was a pleasure to share the expertise I acquired in my almost 3 years of  work as a product manager at Yahoo! Québec and Yahoo! Canada, a year and a half for Quebecor and Canoe,  a few years in Guerrlla Marketing as a business owner in the music  and movie industries, a year in the Advertising Short Movies Film at Kissfilms, back in 2000 and a few years in Telcos.

Take a look at the impressive list of speakers from the Montreal Tech Community.
Here is the presentation. Most of it was me speaking to the crowd versus having a fully detailed powerpoint presentation.  Enjoy!


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