Leaving Yahoo!

30,octobre 2008

In a few days, it will be my last day at Yahoo! (just like certain predecesors blogging about it before: Chad Dickerson; Ian Kennedy) after what has been an intense and fun trip into the purple DNA world for almost 3 years.



I am happy to have had under my belt, some key events and accomplishments that marked and made me as much as marked the brand - locally speaking, of course.  Just to name a few:
1) the 24 hours of Flickr in Montreal (People suddenly realized there was a local Flickr presence here under the Olympic Stadium….). That activity was part of the *delighting our communities* motto at Yahoo!

2) I was happy to launch the first ever Yahoo! Québec t-shirt, a Good life apparel creation,  a local artist who does the yearly James Brown Tees… There is a limited edition of 250 Ts… Those who were lucky enough to put a hold on them, well, just keep them preciously.
Yahoo! Québec T-shirt
3) I was more than glad to participate in the Rebranding of Yahoo! Québec (which previously had another name.) and to be part of the team with Ogilvy Montreal to launch the first Yahoo! Québec offline marketing campaign that is currently running in the subway, buses and highways.

4) With a super dream team, I was excited to launch the most recent versions of Yahoo! Québec Messenger in french from 5.9 to 8.0,  and webmessenger and all these communication products (mail, avatars, profiles, etc.) and the community products.

5) I was happy to have resurrected the good’ ol’ Mon Yahoo! Québec, the rss feed aggregator.

6) Initiated the Flickr Contat08 Festival relationship and group about Photography.

7) above all, I was really blessed by a more than amazing local community of techies, lovers, bloggers, challengers, mentors, startups, brainiacs, etc.  From Patrick Tanguay, Michelle Blanc, Heri, Philippe Martin, Olie Ze Kat, just to name a few (this is a non-exhaustive list, I could go on with a list of a hundred names…).

In a few weeks, i am starting at Deloitte Canada, heading up the online Marketing Department and teams in Montreal and Toronto.

And a 30 seconds Introduction to Deloitte video, with a lil’ extra spice:

See you all very soon!



Katheline previously known as Katz_kul in the Flickr ecosystem.

12 Responses to “Leaving Yahoo!”

  1. Carl Says:

    Bonne chance mon amie, ça risque d’être un magnifique défi!

    C’est fou la distance parcourue en trois ans hein?

  2. Katheline Jean-Pierre Says:

    @Carl Charest: Merci beaucoup. Ça représente un gros changement pour moi. Bonne continuation.

  3. Carl Says:

    C’est la moindre des choses!

    On ira dîner pour en jaser si tu veux!


  4. Jerome Paradis Says:

    Bonne chance chère Sexy Geek! Une aventure se termine et une nouvelle aventure exitante débute.

  5. Katheline Jean-Pierre Says:

    @Jerome Paradis: Merci pour les voeux. Hasta la proxima.

  6. Alison Says:

    Eh bien, bon courage pour la suite ! Je garde un souvenir inoubliable (non, sérieusement) de notre entretien il y a un an…

  7. Philippe Martin Says:

    Bravo pour ce beau parcours. Meilleures réussites dans tes nouvelles fonctions. J’espère que tu vas continuer à bloguer !!

  8. Katheline Jean-Pierre Says:

    @Philippe Martin: Je vais continuer à bloguer! Vous m’avez transmis ce gène à la fin 2006. Ça fait désormais partie de mon ADN.

  9. Katheline Jean-Pierre Says:

    @Alison: Ce fut un plaisir pour moi aussi! On continue la conversation à travers nos galeries respectives sur Flickr!

  10. Patrick Says:

    Eh ben! Bonne chance Katheline, pleins de culs vont se faire kickés sous peu chez Deloitte ;)

  11. B. Says:

    Suis très fier de toi.


  12. Heri Says:

    wow, j’arrives pas à y croire, tu étais Yahoo QC à toi toute seule.

    bonne chance pour deloitte, ca va chauffer pour eux lol. deloitte va faire aussi des vidéos, des T-shirts, sponsoriser des évenements à Mtl et Toronto j’imagine?

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